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Justin Wolfe Smith
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I'm Justin Wolfe Smith!

I am a New York City based actor with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Nazareth College. Growing up in Rochester, New York, I have been exposed to the theatre and film industry my whole life. From starting out in theatre at a young age, to working my way onto film sets in more recent years, I have found ample opportunities to grow in my craft. A few of my favorite roles include; Peter Hawthorne in the Flower City pilot (Fish and Crown Creative), Danny Zuko in Grease (Blackfriars Theatre), and Bobby in Company (Nazareth College).

As fate would have it, I was born during the 68th Academy Awards on March 25th, 1996 (hopefully that was meant to be taken as a sign)! The show was loaded with artists that have inspired me all of my life. I aim to one day trip my way up those stairs in iconic fashion as well. So tune-in 9 years from now for the 100th Academy Awards and you can hopefully catch a glimpse of it! 

        Till then or sooner.

-Justin Wolfe Smith











find out wHAT’S been happening, and what’s to come!



Got to be a part of the table read for

mr. jack: episode one May 18th!

so excited to see where this project goes!

Also, check out my film section below

for some footage from come out tonight

which was screened May 28th 2019.

Happening Now


In Rehearsals for the first staging of

Whitechapel: A Jack the Ripper Musical.

I am thrilled to be playing Jack the ripper!

Showings will be July 17th, 19th, and 20th

starting at 6:30pm. Tickets will be $20.

Learn more and Support our production


Coming Up


September 15th 2019-October 28th 2019

I will be performing at busch gardens

in Williamsburg Virginia as Jack the Ripper

in Monster stomp: on ripper row.

head down and check it out!

Currently avaible!










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Theatre / Film / Modeling

Check out past work from each Category!

Here you can find some of the theatre work I have done over the years.

This is where you can see some of the film projects I have been part of.

This is a small portfolio of some modeling shots.


Below are a few voice-over excerpts.













Headshot / Resume

Below is a gallery of my most recent headshots, and a link to a downloadable resume.



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A downloadable PDF of my full resume.











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