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I'm Justin Wolfe Smith!

I am a New York City based actor with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Nazareth College. Growing up in Rochester, New York, I have been exposed to the theatre and film industry my whole life. From starting out in theatre at a young age, to working my way onto film sets in more recent years, I have found ample opportunities to grow in my craft. A few of my favorite roles include; Peter Hawthorne in the Flower City pilot (Fish and Crown Creative), Danny Zuko in Grease (Blackfriars Theatre), and Bobby in Company (Nazareth College).

As fate would have it, I was born during the 68th Academy Awards on March 25th, 1996 (hopefully that was meant to be taken as a sign)! The show was loaded with artists that have inspired me all of my life. I aim to one day trip my way up those stairs in iconic fashion as well. So tune-in 9 years from now for the 100th Academy Awards and you can hopefully catch a glimpse of it! 

        Till then or sooner.

-Justin Wolfe Smith











find out wHAT’S been happening, and what’s to come!



Had a terrific Off-Off-Broadway run

with the INCREDIBLe team of

Whitechapel: a Jack the Ripper Musical Drama

where i played Jack the Ripper.

Thanks to all who came out

and all who helped

make this project possible.

Excited to see where it goes next!

I just wrapped a personal

short film called

Nice and Easy

This is my first project

as both a director and actor!

check out the footage here!



September 15th 2019-October 28th 2019

I will be performing at busch gardens

in Williamsburg Virginia as Jack the Ripper

in Monster stomp: on ripper row.


October 29th 2019-January 5th 2020

i will be performing as Bob Cratchit

in scrooge no more

during the christmas town holiday season.

check it out! I’d love to see/meet you there!

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Theatre / Film / Modeling

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This is where you can see some of the film projects I have been part of.

This is a small portfolio of some modeling shots.


Below are a few voice-over excerpts.













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