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Justin Wolfe Smith
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I'm Justin Wolfe Smith!

As a BFA Musical Theatre graduate from Nazareth College of Rochester, I have found myself in the theatre and film scene all of my life. A local to Rochester, New York, where the theatre and independent film scenes flourish, I have found ample opportunities to grow in my craft.

I was born during the 68th Academy Awards on March 25th, 1996. That year Braveheart won best picture and the rest of the show was loaded with presenters and winners that have inspired me all of my life. These artists ignited an undying love for film. 

When Michael Jackson died, I saw the moonwalk for the first time. I spent days teaching myself until I finally got it. I continued to be fascinated with the performer that Michael was, and spent hours watching videos of him trying to learn the rest of his moves. Eventually, I was able to fluidly mimic his style and won a Michael Jackson dance competition at Water Street Music Hall in Rochester. My first ever performing dollar was made dancing in the middle of main street of my home town dressed as Michael Jackson. That dollar now sits in a frame above my bed. 

When I am asked why I perform, I like to think of a philosophy that my close friend gave me - too many people spend their lives going from point A to point B. Their days have the same routine, with little variation. What if there was something in their day that broke that routine? Breaking the norm could be just what someone needs in their day, and finding a way to do that for people is not only fun, but fulfilling. Being able to make someone laugh and escape their problems is what made me and continues to drive me to be a performer.

See you in the sandbox.

-Justin Wolfe Smith









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Here you can find my upcoming projects.



The Agency Pilot

Shooting 4/9/18 - 4/16/18

I will be working again with the creative and talented team at Fish and Crown Creative!

A comedic 23 minute pilot set in the small time advertising world of Rochester, NY where anything goes and tacky advertising thrives. Two rival agencies go head to head. The well funded, over achieving Gentle Artsmen (hipster, preppy, cute, white collar) face off with their rivals, Sharif’s Open Flower (misfits, blue collar, edgy.) This persistent group of no namers scrapes by on determination, luck and persistence. 

Stay tuned for reel footage!





















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